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Baby Jonathan's OI Page

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Jonathan's Birth
Photo Album
JOIN our OI Parents Email List
Osteogenesis Imperfecta
Jonathan's Pamidronate Experiences & Montreal's Reserach 2001
Bisphosphonates - Dr. Plotkin
Jonathan's Helmet
2000 - 2011 Updates
Helpful Hints for Newborns
OI Links
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JOIN our OI Parents E-mail List

Jonathan's mom and grandma have started the "OI Parents" email list for parents of infants and children with OI to communicate with each other. There are currently (February 2010) over 650 subscribers from all over the world. We ask questions and share information with each other on a daily basis.

This is a wonderful support to any parent of a child with OI. Some of the most helpful information we found, and still find in our care for Jonathan, comes from other families who are also raising an OI child.

If you are interested in being a part of this discussion list please let us know at: 


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